Natural Building Services

We can work with you at several levels to get your project built. We do not act as general contractors, but we can walk you through each step of construction, make sure details are done right, and help you find the right materials and helpers.

We can also lead a crew (your or ours) on site to build your walls and oversee the general construction of your natural home. Even when you are acting as your own contractor or substantially building your own home, there is often a need for an experienced natural builder to make sure that details get done right and that crews involved in the more conventional aspects of the building (plumbing, electricity, roofing) understand the unique methods used to combine their trades with a natural wall system.

Alternately, we can train your crew in the specifics of natural building while they work on your project (or a client's project if you are a contractor). This second option is most practical if we are already close to the worksite, as we can just visit when needed—whether it is once a day or once a week.

Also see our range of consulting services here.

Natural Plasters and Paints

Natural plasters and paints are used to cover nearly all natural walls and they are responsible for much of the texture color and beauty of a natural home. Natural wall finishes can be applied to conventional wall surfaces as well including, concrete, drywall, wood and others. Natural plasters and paints are generally made from clay, sand, milk, lime and mineral pigments so they are completely safe for people with allergies and chemical sensitivities.

Natural wall finishes can add a unique soft and organic character to your home while providing a non-toxic alternative to chemical paints.
We can custom mix your natural paint or plaster in a wide variety of colors and textures and we can apply it over most existing wall surfaces including sheetrock, wood, and concrete. Even one natural plaster wall or fireplace surround is a great accent, or we can plaster a whole room or your whole house.

Earthen Floors

Earthen floors are an incredibly beautiful and pleasant to live on. We can install your earth floor with a variety of colors and patterns. Earth floors are a helpful source of thermal mass in a passive solar house as well as being a unique design element. Contact us to find out if an earthen floor is appropriate for your home. You can see examples of our earth floors in the photo gallery.