Natural Building Consulting

If you are considering building your own natural home there is no better investment that some sound professional advice. We can lend you the benefit of our experience in everything from choosing your site, creating a good passive solar design, picking the most appropriate materials, and trouble shooting all those little details that come up during construction. Our consulting services range from answering your questions over the phone to extended on-site oversight of your project.

Buying land? Want to know if it is a good place for a natural building? We will come to your prospective property and evaluate soils for building, natural materials available on site, passive solar access, and other factors important to prospective natural home builders:

  • Pre-purchase evaluation of land for your natural home
  • Phone consultations and trouble shooting
  • On-site assistance during construction
  • Passive solar design
  • Budget and logistical planning


Consulting Fees:
You can call any time and we will not charge you for the time until we have made a separate appointment for consulting on you specific project.  However, please read our FAQ section thoroughly before calling with general questions.
Phone Consult: $30/half hour
On Site Consulting: $30/hr plus travel expenses.  There is a three hour minimum for on site consulting. For consults that require air travel or travel to sites further than one hour’s drive away please call for custom pricing.